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Brothers, Sisters, Others—

This comes to me from Dru Levasseur, National Transgender Rights Attorney at Lambda Legal, with the specific request to share widely:

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Hi Friends,

Levi Gammons is a 49 year old trans guy who was arrested last Oct. when he married his girlfriend (a Christian-right lady who claimed she had no idea he was trans…). He was charged with forgery of a marriage license. Unfortunately, he was in the heart of the evangelical land — Lynchburg, Virginia — Jerry Falwell land) when he was arrested. He had moved up there to be with his future wife and has no friends or family. He was sentenced to a year in prison alongside people who have committed murder. His sentencing was no doubt related to prejudice because he is trans. The worst part is that he is in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT. His now ex-wife hasn’t visited him once. He is really suffering. When I visited him this past week trying to see if we could help him out legally, I was the first visitor he had in 6 months. He has 4 months to go of his sentence. He asked me to put the word out to the trans community to see if anyone will write him. He has NO access to the law library or books. He can receive letters though. He said he really looks forward to getting any kind of mail and this helps him have hope.

Please take a minute to write him a letter. Tell him who you are and that you are thinking of him. Tell him he is not alone. He has no one and needs our community. Please spread the word to anyone you know who might write him a letter.

He also can receive money orders if you are in the position to send him 20 bucks or something. He needs money to purchase stamps, paper, pens, underwear and other essentials. If you can do this, I will look into how to send it - just email me. He can receive books, but only if they come directly from the publisher… So letters are the most important thing. Imagine sitting in a room by yourself for a year. This is what happens to trans people when they are in jail. Please help this guy get through it.

Thanks so much. Much love.

His address is:
Levi Gammons
Lynchburg Adult Detention Center
P.O. Box 6018
Lynchburg, VA 24505

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